EGO3 filter cartridge 3 parts, unfilled (various connections)

EGO3 filter cartridge 3 parts, unfilled (various connections)

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Filter material can be ordered in different packaging units.
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Patented reusable filter cartridge for EGO3 filter material, 1 piece - 3 pieces, empty - don't forget the filter material!


Filter dimensions: height 22cm, diameter 15cm

If your filter is a bit bigger or smaller, it doesn't matter. It just has to have space and the threaded connection has to fit. The EGO3 whirlpool filter always sucks in from above and therefore theoretically does not have to have any space around it. And even if it's a bit smaller, it doesn't matter because the filter volume is still a multiple of the cartridge filter. There should be at least 3-5 cm of water on the water surface.


ATTENTION: With the TOPLOADER VARIANT, the open EGO³ filter without a thread and with a hole, the height of your old filter doesn't matter. Always works regardless of the altitude!


thread dimensions:

1 3/4" fine thread - OD approx. 45mm

1 3/4" coarse thread - OD approx. 45mm

2" coarse thread - OD approx. 57mm

2" fine thread - OD approx. 57mm

2" open hole for toploader in-well systems

Special bayonet connection for Armstark Twin, Swim Spas, Beta Infinity and Mirna Swim Spas

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