What happens if I don't clean my paper cartridge filters well and often?

Not regularly cleaned cartridge filter cause the pool with a bypass to circulate the dirt only in a circle, while pools without a bypass threaten the infarction of the circulation pump due to a filter clogging. Clogged default filter cartridges are also a wonderful breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, which can occur in such large numbers due to non-regular cleaning that standard ozone devices or even salt systems (which are actually not recommended for whirlpools) can no longer kill them satisfactorily. Another disinfectant must also be added, for example chlorine. It can be so easy, because essentially 3 things are essential for clean, beautiful and odorless pool water - a strong disinfection system (e.g. ozonator), clean and fine spa filter and an optimal pH value.

So the customer usually cannot avoid cleaning the cartridge filter, unless you regularly buy new filters for the whirlpool (2-4 times a year). In addition, the water requires more chemicals, the PH value can also fluctuate enormously with high particle loads and poor disinfection and also requires more time and chemicals. Oils and fats can Standard spa filter Due to the large pores in the filter material, they are only poorly separated, a flocculant is required.

Now this cleaning process is usually multi-stage and takes time or at best you have a set of replacement spa filters to be able to continue using the pool immediately. In most cases, chemicals or other equipment are required to clean and disinfect such cartridge filters, etc. - that costs money.

So if you want to use your whirlpool more often and longer, you need additional time, money, space for utensils and cleaning and at the same time produce tons of waste....

Not with EGO3 whirlpool filters!

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