EGO3 filters and spa balancers

Again and again we are asked whether the choice of the whirlpool disinfection method has an influence on the filter behavior or whether the EGO3 whirlpool filter is compatible with various disinfectants. Basically, it can be said that the EGO³ filter always achieves its maximum performance, regardless of the type of disinfection. However, some agents shorten the service life of whirlpool filters in general.

This question often comes up in connection with the Spa Balancer product. Spa Balancer is a good but very expensive product and unfortunately has the lifespan of a spa cartridge filter negative influence. Many users know this because they have to clean their old paper filters at very short intervals (often every 1-2 weeks). This is because Spa Balancer or similar all-in products combine the finest dirt particles into larger parts, so that they can also be filtered by normal cartridge filters with a selectivity of approx. 40-50 microns (= the smallest particles that can be filtered). As a result, however, the filter pores clog or stick together much more quickly. With the EGO3 whirlpool filter, these agents also move the filter material ( filter balls ) faster, but are not nearly as noticeable due to the enormously larger filter surface and the 3-dimensional filter structure. In addition, this agent is not necessary with regard to the clarity of the water with EGO3 whirlpool filters, because the EGO3 filter is the only filter in the world that has Zero Dirt technology and even filters out all particles, even if they are only 1 micron in size.

I've been using Spa Balancers for a while and my water gets cloudy as soon as I put in EGo3 filters! Does the EGo3 filter worse when disinfecting with Spa Balancer?

No :-) The EGo3 filter always filters perfectly regardless of the means used, but it reveals a major disadvantage of the Spa Balancer system, which unfortunately is otherwise only noticed after several years. Spa Balancer tends to clog the lines. If you now use an EGo3 filter, the flow rate increases significantly due to the much lower flow resistance (which also greatly increases the service life of the circulation pump) and this deposited dirt is "rubbed" out of the lines. And it looks like the water is getting cloudy when you use EGo3 filters, or because you use EGo3 spa filters used. In reality, the filter only shows you how much dirt is already in the pipes and it can take up to several weeks until everything is finally out. But it is very good and important that this comes out, because contamination and contamination of the lines is always very bad. If you put the old filter back in between, the water will immediately become clear again. And it is believed that this one filters better. No, it just doesn't remove the dirt from the pipes, but the pipes remain heavily soiled and the water treatment requires more and more chemicals.

Therefore, if you have used the Spa Balancer and are now switching to the EGo3 filter, please just let it run, even if the water is cloudy at first (it takes a bit for the dirt to be filtered out again and dirt keeps coming in). Just wait and let it run. Depending on how dirty it is, it will take a few days to weeks, but then the water will be crystal clear and your pipes will be much cleaner again. Your spa and your health will thank you.

Finally it can be summarized:

- Spa Balancer and EGO3 whirlpool filter work perfectly together. Many of our customers use this combination.

- Spa Balancer shortens the time between filter cleanings on all filters. However, this is less of a problem with EGO3 filters due to their unique filter volume.

-Spa Balancer often clogs the lines. So don't be irritated if the water gets cloudy at the beginning with EGo3. Your filter just allows for the automatic removal of spa balancer dirt from the lines.

- We recommend the use of EGO3 filters with only Spa Balancer Ultrashock for disinfection or HTH shockchlor red as an ideal combination (great effect at a much lower price). This is the optimal combination for disinfection and water clarity with the least amount of effort and costs.

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