EGO3 filter - suitable for which whirlpools?

There are now EGO3 filters for all whirlpool brands.

There are two basic systems:

1 - Toploader: Your previous filter is mounted in a shaft (with or without thread)

2 - Standard assembly: Your filter is simply screwed on free-standing

For variant 1, this always fits EGO3 whirlpool filter model Toploader no matter how long or short your previous filter was. Regardless of whether it has a thread at the bottom, a bayonet lock or just an opening. It doesn't matter if the diameter is smaller. The EGO3 toploader filter always fits.
For variant 2 you only have to measure the thread diameter, whether it is a 2 inch or 1 3/4 inch thread diameter. And check whether you have a coarse or fine thread. There are 4 combinations.

Measure and select the right whirlpool filter type in the shop

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