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Whirlpool water treatment and filtration

Most have their hot tub under control and always have wonderful water and nothing stands in the way of enjoying themselves. Others are in a constant struggle with their hot tub and it shouldn't be like that.

What is important for perfect spa water?

Two points are important so that nothing stands in the way of your enjoyment.

  1. Water care - disinfection
  2. Water care - filtration

The disinfection must fit. The PH value should be between 6.5 and 7 and a suitable disinfectant should be used in the right amount. If these two points fit, the water should also fit. The second point is to get rid of the dirt that the disinfection system produces. Floating dirt makes maintenance much more difficult.

Here, like whirlpool filter specialists, we go into more detail on point two.

There is the age-old filter technology of paper cartridge filters and the new EGO3 filters. If you die EGO3 spa filter once you've tried it, you'll never use anything else. Why?

  1. Because the EGO3 spa filter much more dirt , ie even if I clean less often or forget to do so, the whirlpool filter is not immediately full and no longer filters. EGO3 whirlpool filters can absorb around 5x as much dirt as conventional cartridge filters.
  2. Because the EGO3 spa filter everything, no matter how small the particles, is filtered. Paper filters can only filter parts down to about 40micron. The finest particles underneath simply remain in the water and continue to float around as micro-dirt, barely visible to the eye. The water always has a minimal odor and the disinfection system (it doesn't have to see the dirt, it just has to be there ;-)) is having a much harder time. We measure the whole thing by measuring the turbidity of the water in NTU. Tap water has about 0.5 NTU. Spa water stays around 0.5, but the filters filter out larger particles and over time replace them with more and more microparticles of dead dirt. These pollute the water almost invisibly. Not so with the EGO3 whirlpool filter. Due to its special technology, this filters out every particle, no matter how small. This gives you technically cleaned water (technical term) with a demonstrably measurable turbidity of 0.1 NTU after about 2-3 weeks. 0.1 NTU means that all dirt, no matter how small, has been removed from the water and the limit of measurability has been reached.
  3. Because the EGO3 spa filter when changing the water does not get dirty again. When unscrewing, all dirt remains in the cartridge. By the paper cartridge filter As you have probably already seen with your whirlpool, countless dirt particles come off and are immediately back in the water.

The fact that you still save time and money with all these advantages is a nice additional effect :-)

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