Are there jacuzzis with only one euro per day electricity consumption?

Gibt es Whirlpools mit nur einem Euro pro Tag Stromverbrauch?

1 euro per day jacuzzi power consumption?

The differences in power consumption between premium providers and cheap products is enormous. We know reports of electricity consumption of 30 to 250 euros and more per month! And so a supposed whirlpool bargain quickly turns into a bottomless financial pit. And ongoing operation quickly costs more than the entire hot tub ever cost when you bought it. So be careful what you buy. Unfortunately, the running costs of a whirlpool can exceed the purchase price many times over and a 4000 euro whirlpool, for example, was not cheap if I needed 2000 euros a year to operate it. The whirlpool power consumption is therefore the most important point in the running costs.

What are these differences? What is important for low energy consumption?

  1. the perfect hot tub cover: with highly insulating foam, circumferential outer sealing lip, sealing strips between the two halves of the cover, suitable fastenings for clamping down and in general the cover should be as thick as possible.
  2. the perfect overall insulation: Full foam insulated models definitely use less power than any comparable partially insulated models. Regardless of what fancy names these reduced insulations are given :-) So don't be fooled by names like Arctic Pack, Premium Insulation, Top Insulation, etc. In my opinion, full foam saves 50% of the heat loss compared to partial foam. However, there are only a few premium providers such as Artesian Spas, Hotsprings, Sundance and others. who dare to do it because the processing has to be perfect. These manufacturers also guarantee electricity consumption of about 1 euro per day. Leaks would be a problem with full foam, so the rule applies: Whoever uses full foam builds pools that do not leak! This is why these whirlpools are also more expensive, but in 10 years you have quickly saved yourself 6,000 euros in electricity costs!
  3. the perfect choice of components for whirlpool operation:
    • small efficient circulation pump!!! There is everything from 80 watts to 500 watts. Sometimes there are also two-stage large pumps that circulate at a low level and 500 watts. This means that with a circulation time of 20 hours, there is a difference of around 8 kWh per day in power consumption
    • efficient branded massage pumps

A few manufacturers guarantee the low power consumption in writing. Worth mentioning here Artesian Spas /Beta Wellness (Artesian Spas products made in the USA - except for Beta's own Infinity&Eco line), Hotsprings and Sundance/Armstark (Sundance Spas Made in Mexico - except for the second Chinese cheap brand). Here approx. 1 euro per day (at 21 cents/KWH) is guaranteed. Many other manufacturers speak of it. Many promise it wrongly, but then only very few people like the three mentioned above give it in writing. And the differences are striking. With a cheap Chinese brand, you quickly have 3 euros per day in electricity consumption and that is 7000 euros difference in electricity consumption in 10 years!

So that you can separate reputable providers from "less reputable" ones and see exactly how much your whirlpool really costs (incl. 10 years of operation), I have prepared a comparison table for you to download after this article. All relevant data is queried in this table and you can have this confirmed by the hot tub seller. This way you have an objective comparison of what the actual costs are.

So be careful and have the power consumption confirmed in writing!!!

Your whirlpool guru

Hot tub power consumption comparison table

Jacuzzi power consumption
Hot tub by Artesian Spas - per mandatory California Energy Commission CEC testing of manufacturers with the lowest power consumption

If you click here, you will come to the test winner for energy consumption for whirlpools: Artesian Spas, Las Vegas

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