Never clean whirlpool filter cartridges again, is that possible?

Cleaning the whirlpool filter is now a thing of the past forever

Thanks to the unique EGO3 filter technology

We've all been there. The hot tub will display an error message saying the hot tub filters are clogged or will shut down and not heat at all. As a result, we all have to constantly (usually far too often) clean our hot tub filters. And as we all know, that's pretty cumbersome. A lot of dirt comes off the paper when you turn it out cartridge filter back in the water. Then you have to rinse it off - put it in a cleaning solution - rinse it again - preferably with high pressure and above all actually from the inside out (which is practically impossible). The parts are usually very bulky, sometimes there is not even room in a sink and in winter messing around with the wet things is a nightmare anyway. And after cleaning 3,4,5 times it's over and we can already buy the next filter and are again 30-80 euros loose depending on the whirlpool brand.

This is much easier with the EGO³ whirlpool filters. The dirt stays in the filter. That To clean It's very quick and easy and the filter material is simply replaced with a new one when it's no longer possible to clean it, but at least it's much cheaper.

Because the material is very cheap, we calculated what happens if you just never clean the balls. That is, if balls are very badly soiled, they are simply replaced with new ones.

Hot tub filter cost

Here is our calculation for a whirlpool with two filters:

  • The circulation filter already filters out about 90% of the dirt, which means that the second filter only has to be replaced about every fourth time.
  • You have to clean the EGO3 filter about every 8-16 weeks. We calculate in the middle of 12 weeks.
  • The dirt is not distributed evenly, ie the upper balls are already very dirty. The bottom balls but hardly. So even when swapping, only about 80% of the balls would be swapped.
  • All this results in a requirement of 45 balls per year for the circulation filter and 12 balls for the massage pump filter.
  • A big bag of EGO3 filter balls contains about 250 filter balls. If I order it individually, it costs 111 euros including shipping.
  • That results in costs of 25.22 euros per year!


25.22 euros per year and you will NEVER have to clean a spa filter again!

Even if you use the pool very, very heavily, we will even double that and include 50 in the calculation. But then it is still much cheaper than buying replacement paper/fleece filter cartridges, but as I said never clean filters again and the other advantages such as less need for chemicals, clearer water and longer service life of the components are free!

Conclusion: Even if you never clean EGO3 filter balls but simply replace them, this system is much cheaper than all existing whirlpool filters with filter paper or filter fleece. And for environmental reasons, there is nothing to be said against it. Old filter cartridges are residual waste that goes to the landfill. EGO3 filter material is made from recycled material and is recycled again. So they don't produce any waste at all.

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