Filter with skimmer on top? Which EGO3?

There are basically three ways to install hot tub filters.

  1. free-standing : The filters are free all around and screwed to the underside. The water simply flows to the filters and is filtered horizontally.
  2. Manhole with skimmer above: Many manufacturers mount their filters in a manhole. The filter is screwed to the bottom of the shaft and a coarse grid and/or cylindrical skimmer hat is placed on top.
  3. Pressure chamber : A few manufacturers suck the water from somewhere in the pool, then transport it into a separate chamber where the filter is located. This chamber is tightly closed from above with a screw cap with seal.

The EGO3 toploader was specially invented for the second variant. This fits exactly into the shaft in which the previous filter was installed. The EGO3 filter cover is approx. 4-5mm larger in diameter and is therefore on top. The filtration is vertical and the EGO3 whirlpool filter filters perfectly. Since the filter "hangs" in the shaft, it does not need a thread to screw it to the floor. The toploader EGO3 whirlpool filter can also be used regardless of the length of your previous filter.

In the picture you can see how the EGO3 whirlpool filter is then in the shaft. The lid is available in white, light gray and dark grey.

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