Wash Ego3 filter balls - by hand or in the machine?

What is the easiest way to wash filter balls? By hand or by washing machine?

It's best to try both. Both variants of washing filter balls have advantages and disadvantages.

A) Wash filter balls by hand

Simply squeezing out the filter balls by hand under running water has the great advantage that it is very quick and uncomplicated. The cleaning result is also very good. Therefore, our official recommendation is to wash the filter balls by hand, as shown in our explanatory video. The downside is that you have to attack the dirty balls to do it. But there are rubber gloves for those who are disgusted. There is nothing left in the filter balls but dirt. So there is no need to be afraid.

B) Wash filter balls in the washing machine

Alternatively, you can put the balls in a laundry bag and put it in the washing machine. However, you must not use detergent under any circumstances, as these could remain in the balls and then foam in the pool. And you mustn't wash it hot either, as the artificial fabric can change. The effort is therefore relatively high for an unclear result.

We recommend washing filter balls by hand

Our conclusion after many tests: Clean the filter balls by hand. This only takes 5-10 minutes. You can see exactly how clean the filter balls are and it saves resources.

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